Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler Urges DHEC and SLED to Issue Emergency Regulations


Gaffney, SC – September 21, 2011 – SC Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler has contacted both DHEC and SLED to urge that they issue emergency regulations prohibiting the sale of spice and bath salts. Both spice, a synthetic marijuana, and bath salts, being used as synthetic cocaine, mimic the effects of illegal drugs.

In early September, the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration moved to ban three of the substances found in bath salts. These three substances could be banned within 90 days. The continuing problem is that makers of these drugs will tweak the compound just enough so that it will not be illegal. Currently both spice and bath salts are not listed as a controlled substance in South Carolina.

“These drugs can often cause harm to their users who may think that since it is ‘legal’ that it is safe. Several deaths have even been attributed to its use. I strongly urge DHEC to act today to file emergency regulations and get spice and bath salts off the streets,” said Peeler.

Emergency regulations take effect as quickly as they are filed with Legislative Council. Last session, the Senate unanimously passed legislation that banned synthetic marijuana but the bill stalled in the House. Peeler is drafting new legislation to permanently ban both spice and bath salts.

Peeler continued, “I hope the Legislature will move quickly on this bill when we reconvene in January.”

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