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Wife-Betty Knotts
2 daughters-Nikki Rodgers,Tara Grisby

Legislative Goals:
To provide the very best constituent service to the working men and women of South Carolina; to maintain a level of values in South Carolina to be proud of; to reduce taxes; to allow that one day a person will be able to own his/her own home free and clear of government involvement; and to push for less government that intervenes with every day life

Boating, fishing, racing, boxing, restoring/building hot rods, and weapon proficiency shooting practice

Community Involvement/Clubs:
Sponsor Dixie Youth Baseball, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Masons, NRA, Chamber of Commerce

Favorite Movies:
Police action movies

Favorite Books:
Law books

Favorite TV Shows:
CSI, Court TV

Favorite Quotes:
“I thought Jesse James died in 1882! He’s in hell robbing people now!”
-Legislative session 2007; Re: Funeral bill

“I found out quick when you pass a bill in either body (House or Senate) and send it to the other; when passed it looks like the Lone Ranger, but when it’s returned to you, it looks like Annie Oakley.”

“If you can’t afford to hire our lawyers in South Carolina, then be prepared to do the time ‘cause we’re not paying for an out of state lawyer!”

“If you do the crime, be prepared to do the time!”
– Jake Knotts, 1996

Favorite music/artist:
Country music, shag music, 50’s, 60’s music

Favorite Sport & Team:
Football-Gamecocks & Clemson; or any SC team not playing the Gamecocks or Clemson.


In the district:
500 West Dunbar Rd.
West Columbia, SC 29169
(803) 755-6253

At the Statehouse:
303 Gressette Bldg.
Columbia, SC 29202
(803) 212-6350

By email:

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